Alena Gros Vidal

Alena received her Ph.D. from the University of Barcelona, Spain. Following that, Alena joined Dr. Steven Rosenberg’s group at the National Institutes of Health, NCI, where she stayed for 7 years. Her work at the NCI led to the identification of biomarkers that can guide the detection and isolation of tumor-reactive and mutation-specific T cells from the tumor and peripheral blood of cancer patients. These findings may have important implications for making T-cell based immunotherapies more widely available. Alena joined the Cancer Immunotherapy program at VHIO in October 2016. At VHIO she is planning to study whether the presence or specific T-cell qualities of mutation-specific lymphocytes influence antitumor T-cell responses and clinical outcome in patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors. In addition, she will also develop personalized T-cell based cancer immunotherapies for patients with solid cancers.